What is, Yucatan Cuisine? Yucatan Cuisine, a quest in capturing the flavors & unique cooking styles of the Yucatan.

Armed with my trusty camera and boatloads of determination to seek out the rarities of the Yucatan. I left the comforts of Culver City, California for an unpredictable adventure into the Yucatan peninsula, and from here my adventure begins in showing the world the many wonders this peninsula holds. Yucatan Cuisine will feature the traditional and vanguardist dishes, fusion of traditional flavors into more artisan and creative dishes, regional craft beers, wines and spirits of Yucatan origin, amongst the plethora of flavors contained here I will also dive into video how to’s, pictorials of the individual dishes and history of said mythologies and their involvement with the said dish and education or information of this region’s fruits and vegetables.

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