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Abuelita’s Puchero

Abuelita’s Puchero

Chef Gilberto Cetina Jr. of Chichen Itza Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles shares a story of his life growing up and enjoying his Abuelita’s traditional Yucatecan dish “Puchero” a Yucatan Cuisine staple dish.

Chef Gilberto Cetina Jr., tells us his story of his past and the true meaning of Abuelita’s Puchero and what she meant to him growing up and visiting his Abuelita’s house every Sunday, gathering with family to enjoy his this delicious dish, “Puchero” that she would make for the family every Sunday.

We have our Abuelita’s up on such high pedestals because they are the ones who created our flavor memories. – Chef Gilbert Cetina, Jr

Grab a Panucho and join me in watching this video by Samantha Helou.

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