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Chef Pedro Evia Collaborates Tasting At Santo Remedio

Chef Pedro Evia Collaborates Tasting At Santo Remedio

I was informed that entrepreneur Chef Pedro Evia would be in London this November but not as a tourist but as a host of a menu tasting dinner event at the Mexican restaurant Santo Remedio by chef Edson Diaz Fuentes.

The place to be is at Santo Remedio of London this November 5, 2018, in honor of Hanal Pixan, or Day of the Dead for some. All in all, a day to celebrate and honor both tradition, and our past loved ones, amongst the familiar fragrances from days of old in a present setting, at the hand of two great chefs of Mexican and Yucatan cuisine (no pun intended).

The dinner event for this evening will be focusing on the wonderous and flavorful dishes of Yucatan (and this is something chef Pedro Evia knows very well, down to the molecule) bringing his true love of Yucatan to London with the true traditional flavors of Yucatan he bears from what he offers in all his dishes, and in true form by a renowned chef that he is.

Libation made with regional herbs paired with the evenings Yucatan Cuisine, the menu created by chef Pedro Evia will offer that of the traditional Mucbilpollo (a sort of pork pot pie) or pib, made of corn flour and lard, filled with chicken and/or pork meat and seasoned to taste with tomato and peppers. This corn pie is wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked in a wood-burning oven, or a hole in the ground as prepared in the patio of the house, where firewood and stones are heated and their heat used to cook it in the traditional way by burying the pie until cooked.

So if you find yourself in or around London during this month, hop on over to Santo Remedio and get a taste of Yucatan Cuisine by chef Pedro Evia.

Visit and reserve your seat at Santo Remedio:

Chef Pedro Evia Collaborates Tasting At Santo Remedio

Photo by Jeremy Downes on Unsplash
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