Club Sibarita, Gastronomy Festival 2019

This February 20th thru 22nd will be the 3rd Annual Club Sibarita Gastronomy Festival that will be held in Mérida, Yucatán by Founders Jean Philippe Gillot Lomelín y Carolina Molina Marrufo, this event is a “must visit” type event, while in Merida, Yucatan.

If you don’t already know this, then you need to bring your beautiful self over to Yucatan, it is one of the safest states in Mexico and a thriving tourist hot spot that has been recognized by it’s tremendously broad and extensive natural and cultural wealth that characterizes itself by its local gastronomy, cooking styles, natural ingredients and unquestionably for its wonderful flavors.

The Club Sibarita Gastronomy Festival is a culinary experience that will have breathtaking settings, for example, Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob, Hacienda Xcanatún and, Altozano, to name a few. Amid the celebration, all activities are designed to be unique in relation to one another, with the goal that participants can encounter a totally vivid experience of what is a gastronomic social event that expects to enhance what is being done in Yucatan, Mexico if not the world with Yucatecan Cuisine.

Some of the 45 headliner chefs to be at this festival will be,

Adria Marina – Georgina
Andres Preve – Soco
Andres Zapata – Soberana
Bruno Cabestany – Bruno Bistro
Christian Bravo – San Bravo
Daniel Rivera – Koli
Darren Walsh – Lula Bistro
David Segovia – Rosas y Xocolate
Diego Sobrino – Fairmont Mayakoba
Enrique Farjeat – Consejero
Eduardo Torres – Nizuc
Eleazar Bonilla – La Zebra
Fabrizio Di Stazio – Eureka
Felipe Morales – Luum
Felipe Vega – Zoetry Villa Rolandi
Fernanda Covarrubias – La Postreria
Georgina Pech – Kinich

Joiarib Romero – Rosa Sur 32
Manuel Marin – Shuteln
Martha Ortiz – Consejera
Oliver Infante – Maja
Paloma Ponce – Hacienda Xcanatun
Pastor Castellanos – Margarita Zoreda
Patricio Rivera Rio – Koli
Regina Escalante – Merci
Ricardo Muñoz Zurita – Consejero
Rodolfo Castellanos – Origen
Rodrigo Rivera Rio – Koli
Sara Arnaud – Apoala
Silvia Campos – Pueblo Pibil
Silvio Campos – Pueblo Pibil
Socorro Mukul – Kinich
Sylvain Desbois – Nizuc Resort & Spa
Tania Livier – Criollo
Vidal Elias – Micaela
Vincent Crosaz – Zu

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