ITQI Awarded Yucatecan Beer Company Montejo In Belgium

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ITQI Awarded Yucatecan Beer Company Montejo In Belgium

June 12, 2018, Brewery Modelo, received in Brussels, Belgium, a certification granted by the International Institute of Taste and Quality (ITQI) to Montejo beer.

The evaluation stage of the products simply put, are conducted by blinded jurors seeking quality of taste without any visuals or hints of packaging or branding of the company or type of identification that would give away the identity of the producer. Each judge evaluates the product and assigns a numerical score on the evaluation sheet, which reflects the overall grade in taste for that product it is the most important factor in the final score and also other criteria’s, such as smell, visual appearance, texture, and taste.

The products are evaluated by a large panel of judges of different nationalities (reflected below), based on their individual merits and do not compete with each other in any way that would hinder this evaluation. Results collected are input into the system to determine the overall score for each product, ITQI establishes a confidential report that includes a complete analysis with details reflecting the different criteria’s of each juror.

The panel of jurors involved in this evaluation of products for this event is made up of the following, 80 sommeliers from Europe, in partnership with the 15 most prestigious culinary institutions in Europe, such as:

  • The Maîtres Cuisiniers de France
  • The Academy of Culinary Arts
  • The Hellenic Chefs’ Association
  • The Académie Culinaire de France
  • The Verband der Köche Deutschlands
  • The Federation of Associations of Chefs of Spain
  • The Federerazione dei Cuochi Italiana
  • Årets Kock of Sweden
  • Euro-Toques
  • The Gilde Van Nedrlandse Meesterkoks
  • The Associação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
  • The Craft Guild of Chefs
  • The Turkish Cooks Association
  • The World Master Chefs Society (WMCS)
  • The Association of the Sommellerie Internationale (ASI).

The ITQI, which is based in Brussels, is the leading organization dedicated to tasting the quality and promoting food products from around the world where hundreds of small and large companies from 131 countries benefit from the Superior Taste Awards by ITQI.
ITQI’s evaluation procedures are closely monitored by the Belgian Ministry of Economic Relations
Note, that all branded and processed products that are on sale at food businesses can participate annually in the Superior Taste Award by ITQI.

ITQI Awarded Yucatecan Beer Company Montejo In Belgium