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They refer to it as Terroir, I prefer to say: “Its the essence of love left by our Mayan ancestors”
– Alfonso Mujica

Roaming the world for Yucatan Cuisine

Hola, I am Alfonso Mujica a former corporate designer geek now a nomad digital media creator taking a stab at something I have found to be deliciously adventurous as a foodie but only in the areas I love and that is, Yucatan Cuisine.  

Perusing the world digitally and physically to bring you closer to the true experience and traditional taste of Yucatan and its many hidden culinary gems.  I enjoy sharing my gluttonous adventures from wherever I may be and of whatever I am eating and yes, even when I am in Yucatan too. Gotta love those Panuchos!


What is, Yucatan Cuisine?

Yucatan Cuisine, a man’s quest in capturing the flavors & unique cooking styles of Yucatan.

Yucatan Cuisine will share with you the plethora of flavors contained in the region of Yucatan. Diving into backstories of what is experienced via my podcast, videos, video tutorials, discovered recipes, pictorials of the many dishes and reviews of the many visited locations.

I will not be picky, if you cook Yucatan Cuisine, then I will make my way to you. Yucatan Cuisine will share the must-visit foodie spots, from street food to gourmet in and around Yucatan and the world.

Eat Live Share, Yucatan Cuisine.

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