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Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob Yucatan

Yucatan Cuisine in Pueblo Pibil
Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob Yucatan

Where to start? This visit was actually a family outing and not an actual restaurant visit but, although it was not a visit, it actually turned out well and a delicious experience at that.

Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob Yucatan

Ok, let me stray a bit from the food, if there is something I need to mention is that, during this family outing and without a hint to our visit, we all had a truly pleasant experience by far, the crew was attentive to our needs and requests, our bread baskets and tortilla were never empty. Our experience from the start when we all walked in on a rainy day without a reservation and totally unaware of needing one, we were welcomed in, mind you, I don’t lug around equipment nor big cameras with lighting, it’s just me with my family, so from that moment all the way thru to when I took shots after our lunch, it was a wonderful experience, and for this I am extremely thankful!

Alrighty, enough rambling, let’s get back to this article…lol.

On this occasion, I had the pleasure of meeting with a confirmed Pib or Underground cooking Master, Chef Silvio Campos in the restaurant Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob, Yucatan, keep in mind that on this day we went to the Restaurant and not the Mercado (Market) where he also has a “Fonda” where he also offers his wonderfully delicious dishes, the Mercado location is nothing like the restaurant, it is more of a Meat Market setting and open busy street area of Tixkokob, view the location below. Tixkokob is about 30km or 45 minutes from Merida.

As of early April 2017, Pueblo Pibil restaurant has become one of the newest “Traditional PIB Style” cooking restaurants in the Municipality of Tixkokob, Yucatan
Mexico. Pueblo Pibil restaurant has artistically captured a rustic feel theme, reminiscent of the 19th Century type of Spanish/European architecture that allows the ambiance to flow seamlessly while capturing glimpses of how life was back then, this design intertwined with new art paintings inside old Cochinita Pibil tins by a local artist Erico Delfin that face the blue bar adjacent to the rear exit to the outside dining area and backyard kitchen, all the tables and chairs are made of restored wood, the floor is of old Spanish tile, the walls are scraped exposing the days of old look with old hammock anchors still visible that once were used for hanging hammocks on, windows are the same size in height and width with their bars that to this day still decorate many home windows around Yucatan, adding more to the rustic look that builds up your food experience and cozy enjoyment.

Pueblo Pibil offers traditional style dishes that are cooked underground (view images) elaborated in a style called “PIB” mastered by the experienced in cooking in this manner with true understanding to detail as this style does not come with gas knobs, nor gauges, nor do you simply make a hole in the ground and, throw in a slab of meat. I’m talking about true ancestral knowledge of certain elements, ingredients, woods used, it’s leaves, all these elements all play a role in the final effect they will have on your dish and its distinct taste and texture we fall in love with. Yes, it is a complex style of cooking, but the rewards when done, are a gift of pure goodness when you take that first bite and the essence of Ancestral flavors, melt in your mouth.

Their menu consists of the many traditional dishes that are cooked underground, Pib style, the ever popular Relleno Negro, Mondongo a la Andaluza, Cochinita Pibil, Frijol con Puerco and then they have the other staple dishes and some unknown, Queso Relleno, San Simon al estilo Tixkokob, Papadzules, Kib, Longaniza de Valladolid, Brazo de India, Sopa de Lima, Sopa de Antaño just to name a few.

I invite you to deviate from your ruin visits and Yucatan vacationing and visit Pueblo Pibil, you will not be disappointed but, elated to have enjoyed an ancestral style of dish elaborated by a true Tixkokobensian Pib Master.

Pueblo Pibil in Tixkokob Yucatan

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