Sour Orange Liqueur Project

What began as a school business project has now become a profitable business.

Two local youths of Yucatan, Cristi Joaquina and, Cecilia Argáez Rodríguez never imagined a school business project would take them into an entrepreneurial vision of a profitable industry in liqueur production. These two young Yucatecan entrepreneurs have produced an original liqueur based on the “Sour Orange Juice” that has caught the attention of many. I am one of those people.

At the moment they only offer the sale of this liqueur locally within Yucatan, local events and, via their Facebook page Licor De Naranja Agria, check them out.

Currently, they can produce around 200 liters per month with a future estimate of double their current volume within this year and continue more as growth takes place for this tiny company that is merely a year and a half old. Interested in trying this nectar of goodness, you can get your bottle today at the Historic Center, on 60th street and through their Facebook page.

Sour Orange Liqueur Project

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