Yucatan Guided Foodie Tours

I teamed up with Get Your Guide to offer up a way for you and your foodie friends discover the best foodie group tours to do in Mérida. Book tickets and activities online now! Read reviews about top tours and local attractions in Mérida, Yucatan.

Get a taste of everyday Yucatecan life on this day trip to Tekit. Bake artisanal bread in a stone oven, and visit a traditional Mayan household. Find out about the production of Melipona bees and guayaberas, and discover the Mayapan archaeological site.
Our half-day tour and culinary experience in Merida includes a visit to a bustling market, meeting local people and the chance to cook and sample some Yucatecan delicacies. You’ll learn about local ingredients and prepare at meal in your host’s home!

Learn about honey production in Sinanché and visit the mangrove swamp by boat in San Crisanto. Cool off in a fresh water reserve. Taste the famous Huevos Motuleños in a local market. End the day under the palm trees by the sea.

Immerse yourself in the local culture! This tour will take you to the local market where after buying all your supplies you’ll take an exciting bus ride to the local home where your host and guide will guide you step by step to cook a traditional menu.

Delight yourself by tasting local food by visiting the food area of the main market, a seafood restaurant and a sorbet and gelato store. Ideal for learning most of the main Yucatan dishes you can in a short period of time.

Cantinas (Bar) in Merida are fun and traditional. Locals go there to have drinks while eating some “botanas” (snacks), listening to Mexican music in a very friendly environment.

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