Yucatan Cuisine and My Evolution

Yucatan Cuisine, Evolution!
Hello! I’m Alfonso Mujica a content creator from Culver City, California, that has set off to discover & share the many tasteful wonders that Yucatan has to offer, one dish at a time.

Although Yucatan Cuisine is new in the sense of the website, Yucatan Cuisine has actually been around for about 7 years, My first use of the words “Yucatan Cuisine” happened on social media as a hashtag #YucatanCuisine back in mid 2013 on an app called “Swarm” (once called Foursquare, you can view my original twitter insert below… way below) that when you created a post it would automatically share your location on your Twitter account, this was something I did a lot of when I visited a venue, restaurant or basically anywhere I went to eat. On this one occasion, I believe the event was for my birthday, a tiny family gathering at the “Chichen Itza Restaurant” located inside the “Mercado La Paloma” in Los Angeles, (fairly close to Downtown).

So, long story short, this was the birthplace and date for what you are looking at now, Yucatan Cuisine, now I just needed to piece together many of my ideas that have festered in my head for so long of what Yucatan Cuisine was to be like, from the look, the feel to its actual creation in relaying all this beauty by way of my imagery, articles, and videos.

I have been traveling back & forth to Merida, Yucatan for numerous reasons, but never for the reasons as they are today.

This journey is to capture exactly what it was that one felt to visit this wonderful place and its flavor. This place doesn’t just harness a past and tradition, it literally envelopes you with its picturesk wonders that make you want to experience it with everyone else and as for the food, oh my lort, going out to eat is no longer just going out to eat, for me this had now become more than that, my plate now came to life, my plate became my theatre for every ingredient, and it’s personal roll and past influence when only kings could eat the same dish I was eating centuries later, a way to help me understand the days of old and this peninsula past life, a life influenced by the Spanish but adhering to Mayan heritage, enveloping my every bite into a past civilization in one morsel packed with tradition, ritual, and untold history. This one-way trip made something pop within me that in some weird way, brought to light my mental project into being my actuality, It was this one-way ticket trip I guess was my moment of “Evolution”.

Jumping to today, I have since connected and met up with humble and down to earth chefs of this region and of Mexico like, David Cetina owner of La Tradicion and one of 32 Diplomatic Chefs of Mexico (with such a title who wouldn’t want to spend time with this guy in the kitchen cutting and cooking things up, I did). David has not only helped me in knowing more about the roots of Yucatan cooking, condiments, vegetables, and fruits but also the numerous opportunities in meeting and rubbing elbows with many of Yucatan and Mexico’s best chefs, and for this, I am thankful.

So, in a nutshell, my plans have now kicked off with enough oomph to pull a taco truck uphill, what can I say, I love food, I enjoy talking about the wondrous foods that this region has to offer, not to mention the fruits, vegetables, artisan beers, spirits, liquors, honey, the history, the everything of Yucatan but above all, the knowledge of this place and the sheer love you feel when you come into the bosom of this White City of Merida, Yucatan.

So, Welcome to my firsthand look into Yucatecan food. A full flavored spoonful of adventure, history, knowledge, and love, nothing generic, just my firsthand real experience.

Yucatan Cuisine and My Evolution.

Phew! that was a lengthy textual experience for me…geez. Oh look, it’s that post I mentioned earlier…lol

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