Yucatan Cuisine, Updates & Changes

Yucatan Cuisine, Updates & Changes
In this evergrowing gastronomy industry of Yucatan Cuisine and the elaboration of these regional and traditional dishes with its plethora of cooking styles and yes, ingredients too

I have decided to change what Yucatan Cuisine talks about and, open up to the vanguardist, creative and adventurist styles of cooking of the many traditional dishes of this region. I love sharing not just the food but the adventures and the hard work, process and the love that goes into each dish, I can’t just plainly introduce to you the traditional ways of cooking without including the other styles as well. You, the reader, the follower and the fan of Yucatecan style food deserves that much, not just a cookie cutter style of presentation but the whole, entire brazo de reina and its platano leaves too. Read, watch and listen to just how diverse the regions ingredients and cooking styles impact the end result of every dish created by said cooks and chefs… they all have a unique way of making their dishes and not just the traditional style.

In my opinion, the word “Traditional” in Yucatan Cuisine are, the ingredients, the style and, the love that is put into each dish by the chef making it, expect this to be what I will post.


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