Yucatan Duck Tacos by Krista Towns

Source: Instagram @townscooks – Photo by Krista Towns
Yucatan Duck Tacos by Krista Towns

This last week as I was re-gramming images from chefs that created Yucatecan style dishes, I came across one chef that made this different looking dish that stood out by the way it looked and seconds after by the ingredients and then the rabbit word caught my eye. I had never seen a dish created in this manner and in this style, moments later, I got into contact with Chef Krista Towns in reference to her dish and now weeks later, she is my first Guest Chef Recipe on Yucatan Cuisine.

I’m happy this is all coming together for Yucatan Cuisine as I have since spoken to other chefs about the project and now have 4 more chefs from all around the world pushing for a more involved experience for all readers and all walks of life cooks. Gracias!

Yucatan Duck Tacos, an inspired dish full of Yucatan flavor by Krista Towns
Krista Towns is a competitive cook creative that loves eating and photographing her dishes.
A 2016 World Food Championships 15th Seafood Champion • 2016 & 2017 South Carolina, TOA Challenge Winner and as of today our very first, Guest Recipes participant.

Link to her recipe below

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