Yucatan Named Official HQ For Tourism Tianguis Of Mexico 2020

Yucatan Named Official HQ For Tourism Tianguis Of Mexico 2020 the 45th Edition.

Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán shared on social media – “Honored to announce that Yucatan will host the Tourism Tianguis 2020 in its 45th edition, I am convinced that, with the support of the governor Mauricio Vila and Torruco Turismo, Mérida will be the ideal showcase to show the world the tourist beauties of this great country which is our Mexico.”

Allow me to put this into perspective and its importance to Yucatan and its business’, people and tourism all around. The whole title of “Official HQ For Tourism Tianguis Of Mexico 2020” is one, if not the most important title that a state in Mexico can receive that focuses on tourism as its livelihood, especially when you are just a peninsula at the most southern part of Mexico that was once (twice actually) its own country, Republic and as of today one of the most visited parts of Yucatan, Mexico that attracts more and more tourists on a daily basis over any other part within Mexico.

Left to right, Guadalupe Solis – Taqueria La Lupita, Checo Guttierrez – Cerveceria Bocanegra, Chef Pedro Medina – Taqueria La Lupita,
Chef Pedro Evia – K’u’uk Restaurant, Wero Cham – Vinos Boutique, Chef Edgar Nuñez – Sud777 Restaurant, Chef Regina Escalante – Merci.

Image by Alfonso Mujica – 2019 Meridafest, Remate

Yucatan (the state and Peninsula) is the treasure trove of tourism for Mexico and it is very evident that growth is on the up and up at an exponential rate with investors in tourism, gastronomy, and business in general. I agree Yucatan does deserve to have, own and, be the host of tourism for 2020 if not permanently. As of this year 2019, as like the many past years since 1975, this title has been held by the state of Acapulco and 5 other states prior like Quintana Roo, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Puebla, and Guadalajara but nothing really earth-shattering that has moved people as Yucatan has done without the title.

This announcement and events to come to Merida is fitting for the newly constructed “Centro Internacional de Congresos de Yucatán” that sits smack dab in the epicenter of Meridas newer tourism hot spot with new restaurants, new hotels and steps away from the main vein boulevard Paseo de Montejo, anything north from the convention center on Calle 60, is empty since the American Consulate moved and not really worth walking down for tourists besides a park some 8-9 blocks down and away from everything else.

In my opinion, change is good and new things are nicer and feel that it is time to pass that torch over to the peninsula where the abundance of heat, history, gastronomy, and ancestral ritual exists.

Merida Zocalo Centro

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