Yucatan Republic

Yucatan Republic
After venturing thru this beautiful Peninsula, I know more about this beautiful place, a jewel of Mexico. I will now focus on the entire “Republica de Yucatan” instead of just the state.

The newer three states I shall focus on are as follows, Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo, of which in days of old, there only existed the 5 cities of importance, hence the 5 stars in the flag that represented, Merida, Campeche, Izamal, Valladolid, and Tekax.

While talking to several business owners and citizens of Merida I can feel the pride that still to this day exists in every Meridano in its Republic of Yucatan and for this, I will focus on bringing you more of this wonderful Republic, it’s gastronomy, art, creativity, landmarks, history.

I am only one man behind this Yucatan Cuisine project and anything I can do to shed light on something so important, I will push forward in doing so.

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